Once you get your head around the basics, here's a few useful links and resources to move on and learn some more. Below are links to various projects, tutorials, demonstrations and lessons. Once you get started on Scratch, you'll want to know more!

ScratchEd is the THE place for education related resoucres for Scratch. There are links, resources, lesson plans, curriculum guides, and much more. If you plan on teaching Scratch, you should definitely check this place out!

Creative Computing Guide
Want to teach Scratch but not sure where to start? This Creative Computing Gide from the Scratch team at Harvard will give you an excellent starting point. It's full of lessons and advice on the best ways to teach Scratch, and is a must for any teacher serious about brings Scratch into their classroom.

Wes Fryer's Scratch Resources
US educator Wes Fryer is passionate about teaching computational thinking and has produced a number of excellent resources on the topic. This Scratch wiki is another excellent jumping off point for any teacher wanting to know more about the possibilities of Scratch in the classroom. Lots to explore!

Scratch Day Guide
Every year on May 17 schools around the world celebrate the use of Scratch. They do it by holding all kinds of special Scratch events, parties, workshops and camps. Why not  check it out and see what you and your kids might do to join in the fun?

Scratch on Classroom 2.0
Classroom 2.0 is one of the largest online communities of teachers in the world. The Scratch on Classroom 2.0 community is a great place to discuss Scratch ideas with other passionate Scratchers from around the globe.

Scratch Programming for Beginners Google+ Community
Google+ has some great communities for all sorts of different interests, and Scratch is no exception. This online community is a great place to go to learn from others, share ideas and ask questions.

NeboMusic Scratch Challenges
A great blog full of interesting Scratch challenges and activities. Plenty of ideas here for projects for your students that will challenge their programming skills.