Try these fun Scratch Challenges
  • Whenever you press the B key, the sprite gets a little bigger. Whenever you press the S key, the sprite gets a little smaller.
  • Whenever the sprite hears a loud sound, it changes color.
  • Whenever the sprite is in the top 25% of the screen, it says “I like it up here.”
  • When the sprite touches something blue, it plays a high note. When the sprite touches something red, it plays a low note.
  • Whenever two sprites collide, one of them says: “Excuse me.”
  • Whenever the cat sprite gets near the dog sprite, the cat turns and runs away from the dog.
  • Whenever you click on the background, a flower appears at that spot.
  • Whenever you click on a sprite, all other sprites do a dance.
  • When the score reaches 10, the scene (background) changes.
  • The sprite falls as if controlled by gravity, but stops when hits the green ground.
  • The sprite follows the mouse-pointer, but it never gets too close to the mouse-pointer.
  • The sprite follows a red line.
And here's a few more ideas...
  • Write a piece of music using the built in sounds
  • Take a picture of your face and animate it 
  • Create a countdown and make a rocket take off
  • Make a piece of art using randomness
  • Make a garden grow lots of different flowers
  • Write your name

Scratch Challenge Ideas